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Friday, February 22, 2008

In this sense, beyond, Claudia Rankine (2)

In this sense, beyond

I apologize, but I do not apologize
for everywhere, sometimes inherent in futures later,
a natural weightedness, thick with--
Likewise, the scar called destination is always already here.

I am held up by this, as if the world, extrinsic,
were methodically the wrong fountain, the one where
the water is stagnant, the drainage blocked
by nature's things: leaves, moss, dirt the wind put there.

And like the Greek who could see what the world saw
but could not hold its vision in destiny, I understand
and the agility to understand makes no difference:
there is this about me, it feels bad

but if grief needs to be it is in the end, anyway

Para o fim-de-semana, outro texto de Claudia Rankine por quem me venho enamorando.


Tozz said...

Boas leituras, minhas e tuas, boas imagens e bom fim-de-semana.
Tozz, ligeiramente fora de zona.

A Mesa de Luz said...

Obrigada! Eu ando por completo deszonada, logo passa, como diriam os algarvios.. Um beijinho para ti,

jorge vicente said...

ela é fantástica, fantástica!!!


jorge vicente said...

tens um desafio pa ti no meu blog