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Monday, February 15, 2010

nem tanto pelas mulheres nem tanto pela gravidez

embora gravidez seja nestes dias um mau assunto e,

depois de tentar ver a Lola Montès sem o conseguir,
imagens de L'Opéra Mouffe de Agnès Varda (1958).
1. 2. 3.

L'Opéra Mouffe, carnet de notes filmées rue Mouffetard
à Paris par une femme enceinte en 1958.

[quero ver a mesma coisa mil vezes]

des amoureux

du sentiment de la nature

de la grossesse

quelques uns

les chers disparus

joyeuses fêtes

de l'ivresse

des angoisses

des envies

- - - -
"L'Opéra-Mouffe (A pregnant woman's notebook) (1958) was made while Varda was pregnant with her first child Rosalie. It is a wonderfully feminine film about pregnancy and life on rue Mouffetard in Paris. A woman's swollen belly is juxtaposed with a huge pumpkin, which is quartered to reveal it bulging with seeds. A montage in a fruit and vegetable market, intercut with faces of old people shopping, is reminiscent of The Gleaners and I. L'Opéra-Mouffe is segmented by chapters with hand-written titles which is also 'very Varda'. In many ways she has come the full circle with her most recent film." (daqui)

"Women’s films? "Look, I’ve done them since 1958," Varda lectures me."L’Opera Mouffe was a short film about the contradictions of pregnancy. I was pregnant at the time, told I should feel good, like a bird. But I looked around on the street where I filmed, and I saw people expecting babies who were poor, sick, and full of despair." (daqui)

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