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Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Great Falls", Richard Ford

na Granta 21 de 1987. em estilo telegramático: conto considerado característico do pós-moderno (post-modern timeline), disfunção, incapacidade de comunicação, solidão. um tema querido aos católicos, sobretudo se forem praticantes - a desintegração da família.

Jackie Russel's life will take an unexpected and sudden turn to adulthood when his family disintegrates. The (great) fall of Russel's family is left unexplained, both to the reader and to Jackie. The turning point, when his mother leaves with another man, painfully questions his whole universe of assumed truths. At this point in writing, the eighties, the plot which is minimal, comes out as a focusing moment at the core of a big blur, characters remain almost totally undisclosed, the notion of place resonates Sartre, moralistic purposes are absent, language conveys the impossibility of communication, or rather, solitude.

from the last paragraph:
"the answer - is simple: it is just low-life, some coldness is us all, some helplessness that causes us to misunderstand life when it is pure and plain, makes it seem like a border between two nothings, and makes us no more or less than animals who meet on the road--- watchful, unforgiving, and adrift without pacience or desire."

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