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Friday, December 2, 2016

son dakika (that I can read):

Kartal sahilde bir Rus gemisi karaya oturdu. Mürettebat yardim bekliyor.
(um navio russo encalhou na costa de kartal. a tripulação espera por ajuda.)
Kartal sahilde iki gemi karaya oturdu!
(2 navios encalharam na costa de Kartal!)
ou seja, dois navios russos encalharam em Kartal, no lado asiático de İstanbul, em dois incidentes distintos. as tripulações tiveram de ser salvas. um deles, este, um navio de carga geral a viajar de Izmir para Rostov.

crustaceans on death row

TimeOut Market Lisboa

porque é bom lá ir de vez em quando.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

piratear ebooks do google play para pdf

downloadar o adobe digital editions que inclui um drm removal. pimba.

güzel cümleler, coleccionadora

"Benim güneşim bu elden doğuyor. Burdan batıyor."

Kelimeleri topluyorum.
colecção de palavras. coleccionar palavras é melhor do que coleccionar coisas. há frases antiquadas que encontro nesta língua que estão extintas em inglês e em risco de extinção em português. então é como descer ao terreiro do paço ao fim de semana e encontrar objectos raros no meio de cacos comuns. 'o meu sol nasce desta mão. e nesta se põe.'

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Porto morning

uyanma, gün ışığı, light


I'm apparently the only Portuguese person down for breakfast this morning. Some Germans, a few English, except for an elderly couple. I choose a table not far from them. Later on I'm utterly confused: they seem to be speaking Turkish! Am I going too intensively on my lessons? But the tone and the unmissable 'Ne?' tell me everything. They are Turkish and I can understand a lot of what they're saying. :)

Monday, November 28, 2016

some call it a must see, I call it home

 no Café Saudade, claro.

Bir bardak su alabilir miyim lütfen?

Ve bir falafel dürüm!
recipe here, and oven baked falafel, here.

on 'Captain Courageous'

"Now our Dr. [James] Conland had served in [the Gloucester] fleet when he was young. One thing leading to another, as happens in this world, I embarked on a little book which was called Captains Courageous. My part was the writing; his the details. This book took us (he rejoicing to escape from the dread respectability of our little town) to the shore-front, and the old T-wharf of Boston Harbour, and to queer meals in sailors’ eating-houses, where he renewed his youth among ex-shipmates or their kin. We assisted hospitable tug-masters to help haul three- and four-stick schooners of Pocahontas coal all round the harbour; we boarded every craft that looked as if she might be useful, and we delighted ourselves to the limit of delight. ... Old tales, too, he dug up, and the lists of dead and gone schooners whom he had loved, and I revelled in profligate abundance of detail—not necessarily for publication but for the joy of it. ...I wanted to see if I could catch and hold something of a rather beautiful localised American atmosphere that was already beginning to fade. Thanks to Conland I came near this."
da wiki.


 Duş hazır
Noel hazır

and to inaugurate the Xmas season, a poem by Kipling whom we have been reading of late (Captain Courageous it was, and If).

Christmas in India

Dim dawn behind the tamerisks -- the sky is saffron-yellow --
As the women in the village grind the corn,
And the parrots seek the riverside, each calling to his fellow
That the Day, the staring Easter Day is born.
Oh the white dust on the highway! Oh the stenches in the byway!
Oh the clammy fog that hovers
And at Home they're making merry 'neath the white and scarlet berry --
What part have India's exiles in their mirth?

Full day begind the tamarisks -- the sky is blue and staring --
As the cattle crawl afield beneath the yoke,
And they bear One o'er the field-path, who is past all hope or caring,
To the ghat below the curling wreaths of smoke.
Call on Rama, going slowly, as ye bear a brother lowly --
Call on Rama -- he may hear, perhaps, your voice!
With our hymn-books and our psalters we appeal to other altars,
And to-day we bid "good Christian men rejoice!"

High noon behind the tamarisks -- the sun is hot above us --
As at Home the Christmas Day is breaking wan.
They will drink our healths at dinner -- those who tell us how they love us,
And forget us till another year be gone!
Oh the toil that knows no breaking! Oh the Heimweh, ceaseless, aching!
Oh the black dividing Sea and alien Plain!
Youth was cheap -- wherefore we sold it.
Gold was good -- we hoped to hold it,
And to-day we know the fulness of our gain.

Grey dusk behind the tamarisks -- the parrots fly together --
As the sun is sinking slowly over Home;
And his last ray seems to mock us shackled in a lifelong tether.
That drags us back how'er so far we roam.
Hard her service, poor her payment -- she is ancient, tattered raiment --
India, she the grim Stepmother of our kind.
If a year of life be lent her, if her temple's shrine we enter,
The door is hut -- we may not look behind.

Black night behind the tamarisks -- the owls begin their chorus --
As the conches from the temple scream and bray.
With the fruitless years behind us, and the hopeless years before us,
Let us honor, O my brother, Christmas Day!
Call a truce, then, to our labors -- let us feast with friends and neighbors,
And be merry as the custom of our caste;
For if "faint and forced the laughter," and if sadness follow after,
We are richer by one mocking Christmas past.

- -

Friday, November 25, 2016

"Güzel hayat isteyen...

 ...güzel insan biriktirsin."

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

pizza night yet again

there's no excuse, really, the dough was made in five minutes. this is the vegetarian one. the other, meaty, is less photogenic. from here we could upgrade. like this, for instance. ant this, awesome. and here.



starting my own tag, yay. sweet dreams are made of this.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Esquecia-me de dizer:

estou vegetariana desde dia 13.

iGoarias, em Cascais

Ginger and pepper jam.
(lentils and spinach curry)

Goan cuisine in Cascais, homemade, fresh and utterly delicious: a jewel not to miss.
Do not go without trying the preserves, both sweet and savory.
Nice, warm service, cozy atmosphere. (and takeaway just got a lot nicer)

facebook page, here. webpage. yummy menu, here.

de volta

(Porto sabah)

pequeno-almoço glorioso no Vincci.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

in and out

no Lumiar.