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Friday, February 5, 2016

lemon tea


parada de carnaval com apoio policial, uma pequena multidão de miúdos vaidosos, a escola sai de casa. gostei!

this guy is 'analyzing' my blog

fun subject, strange choice of blog, curious about the outcome. how much private info can they robot out of my blog? a question I ask myself as well, musings on the nature of identity, digital selves, real vs. self image and what others see of you. why do people seldom lie? why do we prefer to be ourselves, or rather, why can't we be someone else. all these matter to me as I dig deep into the reasons and ways of literary works which, in my view, have the answer to 'it' all.  can robots summarize me? can you robot life out of literature?

note to robot: I do not use images as a replacement of words, I 'use' them in their own right, they speak the unwordly language of color, light, memory and emotion.

and here.

nice to meet you.

eheh i've been blogging since 2003, at least 7 posts a week, usually many more. first at blog-city until they ended then at sol until I ended it. some of the older blogs posts are here. there has been and there are other blogs, this is my base. (i loved Bo!)

ohmy I'm a dying breed. i knew that.
no I don't want money.
yes, I'm a Snowden fan and follower.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pazar günü...

Ben boza içmek
for 3 years I've wondered what is the taste of boza. I read the 600 pages story of a boza seller, Kafamda Bir Tuhaflık, and now I can finally taste it. precious, mutluyum. thank you!

pale light

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

agora a sério

haverá alguma coisa mais tocante do que a campanha de alfabetização de adultos da um pequeno gesto em Moçambique?

grande parte das pessoas que assim se sentam no chão com um caderno e uma caneta escrevem o seu próprio nome pela primeira vez na vida.

ah lecas!

as verdadeiras boas, extraordinárias notícias são tão raras que quando chegam estava capaz de abrir uma tonelada de champanhe (se eu bebesse). às vezes as esferas celestes batem certo.

fifty me, fronha

ışık / karanlık

"In the light we read the inventions of others in the darkness we invent our own stories.", Alberto Manguel and other light/darkness quotes.

uma coisa

a rádio comercial é a maior m** que é possível ouvir. até o canal de fátima deve ser melhor.

lista de compras

Splendid Palas, Büyükada
Atatürk Arboretum
Nail kitapevi e outras.
Çengelköy Çınaraltı, again...
Babushka Alaçatı
Textile museum
Vefa Bozacısı

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

soon will trouble go his way, Pamuk ------pay-per-refugee

''I am one of those who always advocated to speak solely about literature,'' he told the Hürriyet daily over the weekend.

''But it is no longer possible. Because one can't."

Speaking about the demonization and purge campaign against more than 1,000 academics who had signed a petition calling for a return to the peace table, Pamuk said:

'The rude, insensitive behavior against the scholars are things that I can't saturate. If you mistreat these people in such a bad manner, they will simply emigrate. Is it easy, they think, to raise such scholars? What do these [rulers] want? Should we feel proud of living in a country where all the dissidents are thrown out of its borders?''

"People in democratic countries are not under any obligation to repeat like parrots the ideas that belong to those elected to power. This [fact] is what makes democracy a democracy: One shall not fear of the other who disagrees with you. But, if you start to think that 'oh my, now this person who I disagree with came to power, what will happen now?' -- then that place starts ceasing to be democratic."

"The biggest problem [in Turkey] is freedom of thought, and especially freedom for journalists to engage in political commentary," he continued. Dramatically, he compared the current political situation in Turkey to that of the Soviet Union under Stalin, describing the smear campaigns and character assassinations as such:

"There has been a huge attack on political commentators. The government is operating through the newspapers."

But Pamuk also does the right thing by not stopping there. He then turns his eye to Europe, and joins all us pundits, who for months have been issuing warnings about a principled stand for democracy, and nothing but democracy.

"[The EU] will turn a blind eye to the human rights violations and jailing of journalists [in Turkey]," said Pamuk, adding that the fact the EU turned a blind eye to the human rights violations committed by the AKP government to secure the refugee deal means that Europe had "lost all of its values" and is eclipsed by the mindset: "If they do what we want, then they can very well do whatever they want."

And what has happened with the most basic rights and freedoms till now is clear enough to add to Pamuk's statements. What seems to be turning into cynical horse-trading over the amount of money to bring down the refugee flow onto EU soil is surely being read as a carte-blanche by those in power, giving them free reign for more oppression.

artigo daqui.

bu daha sonra hakkında söylenecek çok şey

"Everything is written in water, except the works of the great architects, such as Sinan, which are written in stone; and the lines of the great poets, such as Nazim Hikmet, which are learnt by heart. "

mais tarde é agora. claro que a citação é de Elif Shafak, daqui. o Guardian adoptou Pamuk há já algum tempo, ali o escritor tem passadeira vermelha a todas as horas e o jornal tem o exclusivo das entrevistas, dos colóquios, dos book signings e what not. a ocasião é a abertura da exposição do Museu da Inocência em Londres - algumas das caixas viajaram para a Somerset House de Londres. o filme sobre o museu também será exibido.

não sabia eu que era o mesmo realizador do filme de Sebald, que tanto queria ver...

Elif juntou-se-lhe para o Guardian e acabo por ver que muito os une: desune-os sobretudo um Nobel.

curioso como o jornal lhes (às vitrinas de passado) cabinet of curiosities, o que me faz logo pensar em Perec, um termo de ajuda ao comum potencial visitante, para que saiba o que o espera. sim, são curiosidades, mas mais do isso, aproximam-se mais da time capsule burried in the parents backyard dos americanos: uma time capsule da Istanbul dos anos 50-70. aliás, vejo melhor agora - İstanbul, finalmente o nome correcto.

quanto a Sinan, uma repetição n'amesadeluz, mas que importa.

de Elif agora Batuman, que lerei mas não li, gostei deste apontamento autobiográfico para a New Yorker, muito bom.

beauty and memory are not separate things

outra de Elif Batuman, aqui.

The day after her meeting with the principal, Ümmiye returned with seven village women. Some could barely read. Most were in their forties and had several children. She later told me that it hadn’t been easy to get them all on board: they kept saying that they didn’t know how to act. Ümmiye persuaded them that they already played roles, every day—that the theatre was all around them, whether they liked it or not. The principal warned them that their theatrical aspirations would expose them to gossip and derision. But Ümmiye thought that she could curtail gossip by excluding men: women would play all the male roles themselves, wearing mustaches made of goatskin.

the beauty, the beauty.

Monday, February 1, 2016

"Suriye de son bir yıl içerisinde; 270 bin kişi öldü. 7 milyon insan ise yerinden yurdundan oldu. Bunların yaklaşık 4 milyonu ülke dışına kaçtı."

حمص اليوم، شاهدوا الفيديو وفاوضوهم بعد ذلك !#الثورة_مستمرة
Posted by Mahmoud Bitar on Friday, January 29, 2016
ou seja: 270 mil mortos, 7 milhões de deslocados internamente, 4 milhões de pessoas que fugiram para fora do país.

este inverno cheguei a uma conclusão

detesto a neve e o gelo, as paisagens nórdica e o frio que aquilo tudo me provoca. só há uma cidade que gostara de ver sob a neve, e só uma.

çiçekler, fiery flowers for my friends

obrigada Armando, Ottoman shelter

What are some mind-blowing facts about the Ottoman Empire?

Here's a fun fact for you : 
In 1845, when the potatoe famine struck Ireland the Ottomans came to the aid of the Irish, better than the British.

In 1845, Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid declared his intention to send £10,000 to victims of the Irish potato famine, but Queen Victoria requested that the Sultan send only £1,000, because she herself had sent only £2,000. The Sultan sent £1,000 along with five ships full of food. The British administration allegedly attempted to block the ships, but the food arrived secretly at Drogheda harbour and was left there by Ottoman sailors.

no quora.

também sobre este assunto, mais ou menos:
The Ottoman Empire: A shelter for all kinds of refugees. quando fui a primeira vez era para dar um salto a Polonezköy, mas depois seria demasiado tempo e há tanta outra coisa para ver.

Enfim, desde que decobri que aquele ponto particular do planeta é um centro nevrálgico da história humana, o fascínio nunca mais teve fim. até pelo contrário.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

'twixt land and sea'

 Estoril ve Cascais arasında. Karada ve denizde arasında.

(...) "I saw the straight line of the flat shore joined to the stable sea, edge to edge, with a perfect and unmarked closeness, in one leveled floor half brown, half blue under the enormous dome of the sky.", Conrad in The Secret Sharer.

(Arkadaşım, fotoğrafları çok iyi görünüyorsun.)


Saturday, January 30, 2016

paisagem, os factos da vida

(Gecenin Kraliçesi, bölüm 1)  e não os fatos. aproxima-se o momento de revelar factos da vida ao mais novo, num difícil balanço entre o fogo e o balancé. não sei se é assim visto do outro lado, quem sabe o que me parece uma deriva não é para ele um sólido chão. olhamos nós e calculamos os outros. entretanto gostei de ver os campos de chá nas ladeiras dramáticas do mar negro, gostei de colocar sons na perspectiva. mas morro de preocupação, é assim todos os dias,