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Monday, February 11, 2008

Tommy Kane: cidades visíveis

Tommy Kane, um ilustrador de cidades, objectos, publicidade, notícias, profissional enfim: "When I started out I was making $12.000 a year now I make $175,000 a year". (toda a entrevista aqui. Como se ilustra no mundo real, através de Blackbook ou do Workbook. Agências e exposição online, quanto mais melhor, a um universo de distância de Jackie Morris ["Just a brief note to let anyone who might be interested know that I have an exhibition coming up in the mount House Gallery in Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire. The opening will be on Sunday, 2nd March, 2pm-4pm."], a ver o mar. Gosto desta cidade mas também gosto muito do sabor daquele "Welsh moss".

"My name is Tommy Kane. I was born. Went to catholic school for 12 years. Quickly learned I was going to hell. Attended art school in Buffalo. Got hired to be an illustrator for the Buffalo Evening News. Moved to New York. Got hired in one day to work in advertising. I had a dream to make a living as an illustrator. It was harder than I expected. Thought advertising was cool. Became an art director. Started to make lots of dough. Hung out with celebrities and supermodels. Somewhere along the line I forgot about my dream of being an illustrator. Made more money. Had a life changing experience and now I am getting back onto my original path of wanting to be an illustrator."
Toda a entrevista, aqui. A terceira e a quarta frases resumem a minha educação.

Tommy Kane Illustration
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