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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coffee and Cigarettes de Cristi Puiu

No dia em que se anuncia o Indie Lisboa 2008, com destaque para o novo cinema romeno, aproveito para trazer uma curta-metragem de Cristi Puiu, "Coffee and Cigarettes".

"Coffee and Cigarettes" is a short film by young Romanian director Cristi Puiu. An old man meets his son at a fancy city café in what we assume is Bucharest. He is bringing coffee and cigarettes, a token for corruption. The difficulties of new times, leftovers from the old times.

I have seen the same disillusioned stare at Europe before, by Romanian cartoonists and other artists coming from old Eastern Bloc countries. There is a pervading feeling of disappointment; much was expected from the riches of the EU, from the eternal “Eldorado” of the West but, as re-unification happens, some groups remain critical of what they see as loss of identity, a price to pay for the facilitations of market economy. On the other side of the golden land of consumerism, work benefits disappear, culture is no longer subsidised, the welfare state is no longer viable while chronic problems, such as corruption – echoed in this short film – still thrive, as if nothing changed at all.

Another theme, more universal and less specific to Eastern bloc countries, is that of old age. Growing old today, whether in Romania or in any other part of the western world, is a hard and a lonely walk. I wonder what it will be like for us, generations of divorce, when our time comes and there is nobody to take care of, nobody to stay there the night, loneliness is only going to get worse.

I did enjoy the acting very much. Such a simple story, two people talking at a coffee table, and so much to take from what they say and the way they say it. A great short film, I cannot wait to see this Director's work in Lisboa next month.
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"Quando ao Novo Cinema Romeno, Miguel Valverde explicou que a opção surgiu por «este ser um fenómeno emergente na Roménia e ao nível internacional», nomeadamente com a recente conquista da Palma de Ouro no Festival de Cannes pelo filme 4 meses, 3 semanas e 2 dias, do realizador romeno Cristian Mungiu.

Na programação do festival estarão 28 filmes de cineastas romenos, nomeadamente, de Cristi Puiu, Cristian Mungiu, Corneliu Porumboiu, Tomas Ciulei, Cristian Nemescu, Hanno Hoffer, Adina Pintilie e Paul Negoescu."
do SOL)

E quanto a portugueses, estou curiosa com a curta de Rui Xavier, recentemente premiado em Berlim, com "Superfície". Outro destaque do Festival, "Terra Sonâmbula", de Teresa Prata, aqui muito bem revisto por Jugu Abraham.

O Indie no YouTube.


kewi tick said...

hey...i'm from romania and i'm a good friend of cristi puiu's older daughter, smaranda. i just wanted 2 tell you that most of the films made in romania by romanian directors show how life was during the communist period. nowadays romania is a country like any other, corruption almost disappeared and life is as gr8 for us as it is for you. as a romanian cititzen i hate this image that romanian artists [mainly movie directors] show to western europe. instead of moving forward and let go the past, they make movies about this dark period that romania has been through till 1989 and pretend that things didn't change. i don't know if you have seen any other romanian movies [of course, not all of them are about comunism, but these ones are the most succesfull ones] but even if the story is happening nowadays, they go and film the movie in the most horrible area in bucharest, in the most horrible building in our country. i don't know what their goal is: it seems to me that they want to make western europe people to feel sorry for us, or make this comunism period an excuse for everything. all i wanted to ask you is not to make an opinion about romania based only on the romanian films. come and visit my country: it's beautiful, i can guarantee you :D

A Mesa de Luz said...

hello! Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciated it. I have been close to visit your country but never did and I'm sorry for it. I have some very good romanian friends, I enjoy your culture and hospitality. I do agree that communism didn´t leave very good marks and that unfortunately tales of unhapiness tend to be more successful in the west. Thanks again for your comment.