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Friday, March 6, 2009

mais e menos

muito embruxeleada pelas artes performativas. a máxima expansão, a ópera. o concentrado mínimo, o teatro. no Inspector Geral de Gogol, por exemplo, o 1º acto resume o poder político de todos os tempos e em todo o lado em duas ou três páginas. a ficção levaria uns três volumes para tentar tal coisa.  [ah! "The theater was named the Maly ("Small") to distinguish it from the Bolshoi Theater ("Big"), used mostly for opera and ballet" daqui e a história do teatro russo]

"Meyerhold borrowed some of the [construtivism] visual elements to create settings which would be a "machine for acting." This entails abstract sets like the one for his production of Gogol's Inspector General with fifteen doors surrounding the playing area from which officials emerged simultaneously to offer bribes." (from here)

"I am startled by the Russian Constructivist stage, like a great uncontrolled upsurge of Dostoyevsky energy, the result of reading to many Russian novels. Here is a partial list of the theatre workers who sent it on to us: Trotsky, Stanislavski, Popova, Rodchenko, Tatlin, Malevich, Diaghilev, Roerich, Nijinsky, Stravinsky. This new stage seemed to leap out of the ground. It sprung from the ground fully formed. Nothing simple about it, this stage is convoluted with its many entrances and passages, dramatic with its bridges and stairways, impassioned with its upper and lower performing areas, suspenseful with its catwalks and scaffoldings, theatrical with its foregrounds and backgrounds and alarming with its ladders and flagpoles! Hypnotizing with its bright lights and dark pockets." (daqui.   here too)

sinopse e texto   "Khlestakov is at first uncertain of his bearings, but, slowly realizing that he is the beneficiary of a case of mistaken identity, he begins to act the part of the imperious bureaucrat with zest. Sexual favors from the mayor’s wife, Anna (Sarah Sanford), come with the role too, although she must compete with her mother and daughter, both angling for Khlestakov themselves. The young gentleman, now thoroughly enjoying himself, is loath to leave his bed of clover, but the cagey Osip whisks him out of town just ahead of his unmasking. The townsfolk barely have time to digest their folly when, like an inexorable blow of fate, the news arrives that the real government inspector is on his way." (R. Zaller's good text here)

um Gogol na Catalunha, que tem "honra" de tv. (pelo que espreitei pela frincha de uma porta, gostei mais do que está no palco maior do Cinearte da Barraca, que estreou o Inspector ontem.)

e assim dito, os insectos acordaram do seu sono de inverno na cozinha ou arrabaldes. e assim não posso dizer que somos quatro mas quarenta e passarei o resto do dia tentando exterminar uma boa parte de nós.

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