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Friday, April 3, 2009

"signs without signification", Jeff Brouws (New Topographics)


Jeff Brouws, o site aqui. e outro link.

"The list [inspiring photographers] is endless; there are and have been a lot of great image-makers out there. Lewis Baltz, Robert Adams, Richard Misrach, Lee Friedlander, Paul Graham, Todd Hido, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, William Christenberry and Richard Steinheimer to name a few. I like a lot of the Europeans, too, like the Bechers. Ed Ruscha (while not technically considered a photographer) has also been a significant influence. I think it fair to say his early books of photographs (Some Real Estate Opportunities and Twentysix Gasoline Stations) might have been the impetus behind the whole New Topographics movement.
And why have they inspired me? For myriad reasons: their work had a subtle political tinge, some of it was visually very tough and not traditionally considered beautiful, they all seemed extremely dedicated to their work, some dealt with aesthetic issues in very interesting ways, or I liked the subject matter they photographed and felt a kinship to that. Some embraced the mundane and declared art could be made from it.", a entrevista toda aqui, no Elogio da Sombra.

("the mundane is to be cherished", Jenny Holzer)


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maquinas inúteis de Bruno Munari...

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é verdade. beijo