light gazing, ışığa bakmak

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

azul Kitano


nem uma cena sem este azul. em A Scene at the Sea (1990).

"The way I conceive a film is to come up with the four stages or images of the film like a four-strip cartoon in a comic. Introduction, development of the story, twist of the story and punch-line. It's a very rough idea of just four images of the story, which act as the backbone of the story.

After the four images, I develop the idea by augmenting spaces between them with sub-images or plot lines until it became a substantial script. A lot of the detail comes even when I'm shooting. On good days, I clearly can see sequences to be shot on next days, which is like playing the sequences with film projector in my head and after that the shooting and editing are just the way of realizing those ideas."

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