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Friday, October 2, 2009

Proud Flesh

é o nome da exposição de Sally Mann na Gagosian. "Exquisitely detailed, intimate, psychologically and emotionally intense, Proud Flesh engages territory most often inhabited by male artists portraying their wives and female lovers as Mann turns the camera to her husband of 39 years, Larry. Beautiful, textured, and provocative, these unprecedented nude studies neither objectify nor celebrate; rather, they go far under the skin to suggest a relationship between man and woman that is profoundly trusting: sensual, sexual, sometimes painful, often indescribably tender, and always unblinkingly honest. " (daqui)

"The series took almost six years to shoot, and reveals a powerfully trusting relationship. Mr. Mann, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, is portrayed in a myriad of manners, suggestive of a relationship of this length – sometimes tenderly, sometimes erotically, at times powerful and godlike, and other times with brutal frankness and vulnerability. It is a complete and honest study." (daqui) para ficar: collodion. e o que mais importa

Ponder Heart (2009)

The Quality of the Affection (2006)

mais, aqui, no site da Gagosian.
and it is here because--- I like backs. I like b/w backs. I like b/w. I like powerfully trusting relationships. e fiquei curiosa com o collodion.

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