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Monday, December 10, 2012

seasoning mixes

a da Nigellissima, spaghetti spice:
15g dried parsley, 15g garlic granules, 30g dried chilli flakes, 30g salt flakes.
Instructions: for each 100h of dried spaghetti, sprinkle 2 teaspoons of mix on 1 tablespoon of oilve olive oil. return spaghetti to pan along with 30-60ml of starchy water.

sou capaz de substituir grande parte do chilli por tomate seco, e dobrar o verde com oregãos e basílico.

herbs de provence, também.

oh my, all the American mixes.

para quem come bifes.

coffee, sugar, chocolate spice.
sugar crystals, cinnamon, vanilla sugar.

Moroccan spice blend. holiday pot pourri. cinnamon almonds, yum.

ah sim: and hot cocoa. or this one.

- -

só porque gostei: cloth napkins.

for any time soon: Nigella's yogurt cake. cinnamon almond cake. yum.
for Xmas: Nigella's chocolate salame / or Nigella's instant chocolate orange mousse. ok, prosciutto wrapped grissini.

cookie jar: Nigella's pistachio biscotti. chocolate nougat cookies.
sugar cookies. chocolate chip cookies. areias. chocolate chewie meringue. peppermint bark. spicy chocolate bark. or chocolate almond meringue and pink.

já pramanhã: baked sweet potato. and a collection of beautiful food.

and then there's salted caramels.

hungry girl total beautifulness.

shopping list: garlic powder, onion powder, chili flakes, sugar crystals, corn starch, vanilla sugar, dried parsley, oregano, cinnamon sticks. also: nougat. cocoa. powdered milk. good chocolate.

(5 mil milhões, olha olha. 2 mil milhões, ah pois não)

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