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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


pinterest makes image collection possible, a sort of personal (imaginary) museum. images that become a part of that temporary musem, if well loved, are not likely to be forgotten. that was the case, for me, of Diving by Onchi Kôshirô, 1932. like many other Asian art pieces, Diving now belongs to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Diving is an exemple of Sosaku-hanga, where the artist creates his work all by himself, departing from the communal work typical of the ukiyo-e method (the floating world). the movement towards individuality was a statement not only of modernization but also of nearing western culture where the notion of selfhood is deeply rooted  in time.

Diving is at the base of Roberta Pinna's work.

as I become familiar with the system of beliefs and ideas behind Islamic miniature painting, it is interesting to realize that for the longest time in history all work was done collectively. the lone individual stems from romanticism and is highly anomalous in the context of the human species. mass existence is the norm, freedom is a much-loved deviation from the natural world.

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