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Sunday, May 12, 2013


"One of the natives of Silvan, Sevim Çiçekli, who is now 95, said the following to daily Zaman in remembrance of her teenage years:

“It was a time that the gendarmerie was raiding our villages. There was a scholar in our village, Hacı Muhammed. He told everybody to hide their Qurans. Some hid them in caves; others buried them in their crop fields.”

Another local, Mehmet Emin Taş, 85, noted the following:

“We would be afraid to death when the gendarmerie came to the village on their horses. They would look for an excuse to beat us. The reason could be a copy of the Quran. I also saw many times that old men who wore our traditional headgear, the puşi, were also beaten.”

It is safe to assume that as Turkey opens up, similar stories from its darkest days (the “single party” dictatorship of 1925-50, and the later military coups) will be unearthed. And those who have praised these eras simply for their “secularism” will be embarrassed. What really liberates a country is not mere secularism, after all. It is liberalism, democracy and human rights."

(daqui) não estou tão certa com o liberalismo, mas deixá-los pensar.

(Puşi, the traditional Kurdish scarf or its Palestinian version, keffiyeh)

a importância de um headscarve étnico (curdo) que foi politizado.


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