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Monday, February 24, 2014

Yaşar Kemal

"Born in 1922, he came from a poor family. His father had been fairly well-to-do but was killed in a quarrel before his five-year-old son's very eyes. His four brothers and sisters all died of malaria and he and his mother were desperately poor. But somehow he managed to learn to read and write - the only boy in his North Anatolian village to do this.

Kemal worked as a day laborer in the rice and cotton fields. Then he borrowed money to buy an old typewriter and set himself up as a public letter-writer. At the same time he was apprenticed to a shoemaker, and sometimes he caugh and sold fish. One of his greatest interest has been the folk poetry of Turkey, and, after travelling on foot all over Anatolia, listening and writing down what he heard, he published his first book, a collection of traditional peasant dirges, in 1940."
na capa de Anatolian Tales.

[agora na tv: "durante a guerra morriam as pessoas ... enterravam-se nos jardins(...)"]

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