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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


mas não me admiro nada: a razia que vi em bom tempo era assustadora. imagino com mau tempo e com uma ordem errada. por outro lado: eis porque é importante ao OOW saber o significado de helmsman.

"In the second incident, the cross-channel ferry PRIDE OF PORTSMOUTH caused severe damage to the frigate HMS ST. ALBANS. The warship was berthed at Portsmouth when the ferry came in to berth in bad weather. Due to a wrong helm order given by the master, the ferry contacted and badly damaged the nearly-new warship. The ferry herself sustained relatively little damage, but, as with all vessels in the fleet in question, she was fitted with a VDR. Details of the circumstances leading up to the incident and in particular, the actions taken and orders given on the bridge in the minutes before contact were thus available to the MAIB when it carried out its investigation into the casualty."

num livro de loss prevention da Gard.

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