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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ayşe (love letter)

"To my high born royal wife, Ayşe , from your husband Mustafa Mahomet captain 13th Turkish infantry. Oh Ayşe my morning star. I pray God to bring this all to an end. I can see our lovely Constantinople in ruins and our houses burnt to the ground. These english are very persistent and there is no fear of death for them. They are very cruel, they watch us like wolves in the night and are upon us like the devil in the day. Why did we even join in this wicked war? Ayşe I must now take my leave of you as the sun is sinking and I must away to my devotion. God bless you Ayşe , I wish I were at home to give you my adorations."

"But Ayşe  never received her husband's letter. It was found by a British soldier on his dead body."

no aniversário da batalha de Gallipoli, uma tentativa de conquista dos Dardanelles.

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