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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bekir Sidki Çobanzade

"Even if my writings do not show anything, they at least reveal the grief-stricken and broken Crimean Tatar, who has moved away and scattered wide, who may die today or tomorrow and disappear from the face of the earth, and his faults, shortcomings, feelings and his sorrow. If history turns its attention to Crimea someday, and if one Crimean Tatar searches for another, my writings may surface. It is quite all right, if this does not happen. Crimean Tatars lost their flag, their glory, and their land. What if I were to lose a few nights without sleep and days in grief and haze. The pleasure and happiness derived from writing these lines would be sufficient for me. Even if no one spoke it, to me the Tatar language is still rich, delightful and good because it embodies my people's centuries-long sorrow, their anxious and yet brave voice."
Bekir Sidki Çobanzade.

"Bekir Sidki Çobanzade (1893-1937) is a familiar name in the Turkic world, especially among Crimean Tatars. Many remember him as a poet who wrote nostalgically about his native Crimea and as an authority on Turkic languages and literature who taught at the University of Baku, Azerbaijan. In the midst of a successful academic career, at the age of 44, Çobanzade (pronounced cho-ban-za-de) was arrested by Communist authorities for alleged subversive activities against the state, sentenced to death and executed. Of course, his writings have outlived him. His poetry, in articular, has continued to enjoy popularity among Crimean Tatars in diaspora. While there is considerable literature on Çobanzade, it remains scattered in newspapers and journals published mostly in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey."

na História da Ucrânia.
e ainda The Young Tatar movement in the Crimea.

(ou sobre os usos políticos indecentes da língua, não somos originais. somos português-suave)

também não sei como é que se pode alguma vez apoiar um regime que se chame comunista. eu que sou pacifista e que gosto de pão de espelta completo tenho alguma memória para ver.

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