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Sunday, July 13, 2014


tv, síc notícias, enquanto vagueio pela casa, um documentário sobre as várias facções numa determinada parte de Tripoli, sunitas e alauitas. ohdio, que susto, são todos loucos. os balcãs ao pé daquilo são uma calma.

"An English language version of my BBC Arabic documentary on the social, economic and personal effects of the sectarian clashes between Jabal Mohsen and Bab al Tabbaneh, which pit Alawite and Sunni Muslims against one another in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli."

1911-1912: Italy captured the Ottoman Tripolitania Vilayet (province), of which the most notable sub-provinces (sanjaks) being Fezzan, Cyrenaica, and Tripoli itself. These territories together formed what became known as Italian Libya.

Although minor, the war was a significant precursor of the First World War as it sparked nationalism in the Balkan states. Seeing how easily the Italians had defeated the weakened Ottomans, the members of the Balkan League attacked the Ottoman Empire before the war with Italy had ended. 

 During the 1911 Tripoli massacre, Italian troops systematically murdered thousands of women and children by moving through the local homes and gardens one by one, including setting fire to a mosque with hundreds of refugees inside.[26] Although Italian authorities attempted to keep then news of the massacre from getting out, the incident soon became internationally known.

da wiki.

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por outro lado, a sic notícias abre as notícias com o mundial e os adeptos argentinos aos saltos em copacabana, a cnn abre as notícias com gaza. somos um país feliz.

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