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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


"This one was skinny and ragged, had shown up around his trailer one autumn, attracted by food scraps he  left out for squirrels. It wore a pretty collar - an animal raised as a pet, then abandoned with no survival skills and handicapped by pregnancy. He had put out food for the terrified beast and it quickly became a regular visitor. Then one of the neighborhood coyotes scented the cat and began hunting it. Chee cut a cat-sized entry in his door and lured the animal through with sardines. Soon the door flap became its emergency route to safety when a coyote prowled. Only when winter froze the San Juan and the snow began did it move in to spend the night, still keeping a cautious distance from Chee. Thus they lived together, Chee serving as food provider, Cat operating as feline watchdog, bolting in with a clatter when a coyote (or any other visitor) approched the trailer. Otherwise they ignored each other.
The relationshop perfectly fit Chee Navajo traditionalism. Natural harmony required all species, be they human, hamster, hummingbird, snake or scorpion, to respect each other's roles in the natural world. He saw no more justification in pretending to own a "pet" than he did in human slavery. Both violated the harmony of the system and thus were immoral."
Tony Hillerman in Skeleton Man.
(tinha já este livro, agora tenho dois, espero que por pouco tempo)

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