light gazing, ışığa bakmak

Friday, November 28, 2014


"In these parts the morning coolness lasts no longer than breakfast time. After the frosty chill of the night that makes one shiver with to the core, dawn approaches, turning the sky from black to ash, and from ash to orange. And as soon as the sun shows it nose at the peak of dawn, the brief coolness comes to an end and a hellish heat suddenly takes its place. The gardens over which the walnut, plum, apricot and mulberry trees cast their shadows; the fields of cotton and corn, their borders marked by large stones; the villages with their mud brick houses; the sturdy fortress walls that continue to stand the test of time; and the ancient city - with its ruined temples, reliefs, and countless secrets - which served as the Hitites' metropolis for hundreds of years begin to burn furiously."
Ahmet Ümit em Patasana.

Gaziantep bazar.

Centro de esculturas hititas, em Yesemek, Gaziantep.

Eufrates perto de Gaziantep, daqui, um dia de visita.

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