light gazing, ışığa bakmak

Friday, December 19, 2014

heart ablaze

"But it is no mortal love, this love of Istanbul. They carry me always in their hearts, and to me they must return: homesick, pining, missing me to death, their hearts ablaze with an unquenchable love, solace for which can be found nowhere else. Once an Istanbullu, always an Istanbullu. I am the last song on the lips of dying exiles; I am pain and poetry; even to those who imagine they have left me of their own accord, I remain forever their lost home; for I am the smell of earth, the tang of sea, the stuff of dreams. I am Istanbul. City of magic, city of enchantment, object of the world's desire"
em I Am Istanbul de Buket Uzuner.

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