Thursday, April 23, 2015

na gestão de riscos 2015

"Millennials are the first employees who have had access to communication technology like smart phones and the Internet since they were very young. This has impacted their expectations around how people can and should communicate.

Compared to previous generations, they a more likely to expect ready access to information and social connections all the time, regardless of where they are located. This includes blurring the lines between work and non-work segments of their lives. Furthermore, Millennials are the first generation in history where women tend to be more educated and active in the workforce than men.

But there are places where these differences have pretty clear implications for companies. For example, traditional work cultures that emphasize control of information or downplay the role of women in the workforce are not likely to fare well when it comes to hiring and retaining millennial employees."

daqui, um artigo indicado pela Mercer - que tem um grande número de artigos disponíveis online. a malta sindicalista devia dedicar uma semana a ser isto. os gestores de recursos humanos públicos também. não as coisas dos millenials e etc que são engraçadas como os signos do zodíaco, mas a real transformação na área do trabalho, da revolução tecnológica, da robótica, da revolução no envelhecimento populacional, etc. - enfim, the big picture.

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