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Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Ben Geldim, Gidiyorum", Istanbul street vendors

""Street vendors represent the voice of a city. Every city has a smell, a texture that is remembered, but the voice is often forgotten. Street vendors are the most unique and valuable elements of the voice of a city."
The above is an excerpt from our interview with Metin Akdemir on his touching short film "Ben Geldim Gidiyorum" (I've come and I'm gone) which explores the fading prospects of Istanbul's street vendors.
These street merchants are an integral part of the city and often offer the freshest goods money can buy. We encourage everyone to support their local simitçiler, eskiciler, poğaçacılar and pilavcılar, as we don't want to imagine an Istanbul without them."

via Culinary Backstreets.


Okan Dinc said...

Bozacıyı unutmuş :)

Ana V. said...

Evet, boza! Ben boza denemek istedim :)