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Monday, January 4, 2016

cidade viva, Kafamda bir Tuhaflik

acabar A Strangeness in my mind lembrou-me o acabar Moby Dick, um rapaz só contra forças sobre as quais não tem qualquer influência, forças vivas, imensas e temíveis que dominam a sua vida como kismet.  uma trilogia simples, com tantas raízes no misticismo otomano: coração palavras e fado.

heart words and kismet: the concept and the premises are entirely different from all other works but Pamuk's obsessions remain solidly the same: the double, labyrinth city, search for a vanished woman, mysterious book, Beyoglu Cihangir Nisantasi Cukurçuma enlarged to faraway neighborhoods, an unattainable desire, fully acknowledging hapiness only after it's vanished, family disputes, the city's signals as a hidden language, intricate detail, roving through the city's records, the woman at the window, the fear of dogs, caligraphy, wondering the streets, walking, Ottoman culture. and a refined poetic control of language, containment (strangely enough in a almost 600 page book). and a few novelties, better still developments or consequences: heavier weight of documented history, women are no longer contoured figures but fully developed characters, flight toward everyman. a peak of accomplishment: actually becoming another, Mevlut, the gentle hero of this epic.

"fast paced dice game that pits chance against strategy".

(looking back and against all odds the year being so full)

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