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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

arabic lessons (or any other really)

"Khaled lived a simple and contented life with his wife and 3 children in Aleppo, Syria before the war. As an Arabic teacher for 17 years he contributed to teaching and bringing up a generation.

Six months ago, after weathering the storm of the Syrian conflict for three years, his family’s home was burnt to the ground and they literally lost everything. Left with no choice, like so many before and since, they journeyed to Turkey.

Khaled sought teaching work at the private Arabic schools in Istanbul, but there are many Syrian teachers now and only limited positions. Even the lucky few who find employment in their field struggle on relatively low wages. Instead Khaled had to make do with a job in a factory making kitchen utensils. He worked a 65 hour week for less than minimum wage, yet still considered himself fortunate to have an income at all.

Over the past month, SPI, in collaboration with the team from italki, have been working with Khaled to build a profile for him on their online language learning platform and transfer his teaching skills to a web-based global market.

Excited and a little bit nervous about this new possibility of teaching students from all over the world, Khaled is now ready and waiting to accept online students to take his intermediate and advanced Arabic language classes.

Khaled says: "Students can choose to study Fous'ha, classical Arabic, or Syrian vernacular Arabic, focusing on grammar, vocabulary or conversational practice. The entire lesson will take place in Arabic, therefore students should have an existing grounding in the language - this approach will encourage you to learn very effectively. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my passion for the Arabic language with you! Shokran."

Khaled's italki profile:

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a tentação é enorme.

italki, que maravilha.
ena, português é uma língua 'popular' :)
(ó marta anda cá ver isto!)

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