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Thursday, February 11, 2016

já queijadinhas...

a celebrar os Istanbul Walks que chegaram a Lisboa (e a abrir logo com uma bela foto do Parque):

"Lisbon seems to be getting its groove back. Or at least, more people are taking notice of this city’s unique character and clearly taking to it. Recently, Vogue and The New York Times profiled the Intendente district, an up-and-coming neighborhood in the city center; Monocle magazine held its first “Quality of Life” conference in Lisbon; and many friends of ours, from Istanbul to San Francisco, are sharing beautiful photos of their latest trip to the city. Oddly, in a city on the upswing with such a rich culinary heritage, we found there was little storytelling on the subject of food and how it impacts Lisbon’s urban culture, be it in print, on the Web or on the ground (as in a tour or other guided experience).

Over the past couple of years, we ourselves have joined this stampede of visitors to Lisbon and we can’t get enough of it. Now it’s time to share our enthusiasm for the city with others. Working with Célia Pedroso, chief of our newly created Lisbon bureau, we’ve collected our favorite experiences into a marathon of backstreet eating spanning the seven hills of Lisbon.

The oldest city in Western Europe, once the hub of a trading empire that connected Macau in the east to Rio de Janeiro in the west, Lisbon today feels staunchly Old World European, a sleepy town of nostalgic storefronts and scenic churches. But that’s only its façade. Take a closer look and you’ll discover a city that still maintains deep-rooted links around the world – just consider the local obsession with African piri piri sauce – and that is a vital and cutting-edge place with packed restaurants and bar-lined streets."

o melhor é ler tudo.


sentadonomocho said...

Desde o início do ano que não passo por aí, de 'visita' ao centro de emprego, sentado no muro do MUSA (acho que é esse o nome - quando está sol) aguardando vez para uma declaração.
E um café na Primavera.......

Ana V. said...

eu a pagar a luz para corte :-/ adianta lá essa bica Tozz, pra semana!

Tozzola said...

pra semana é semana de ir visitar a velhota ao lar e fazer ginástica, se a entrega dos óculos não falhar... e o algueirão, não é mais perto e bom caminho??

Ana V. said...

Boa ideia! :)