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Friday, February 5, 2016

this guy is 'analyzing' my blog

fun subject, strange choice of blog, curious about the outcome. how much private info can they robot out of my blog? a question I ask myself as well, musings on the nature of identity, digital selves, real vs. self image and what others see of you. why do people seldom lie? why do we prefer to be ourselves, or rather, why can't we be someone else. all these matter to me as I dig deep into the reasons and ways of literary works which, in my view, have the answer to 'it' all.  can robots summarize me? can you robot life out of literature?

note to robot: I do not use images as a replacement of words, I 'use' them in their own right, they speak the unwordly language of color, light, memory and emotion.

and here.

nice to meet you.

eheh i've been blogging since 2003, at least 7 posts a week, usually many more. first at blog-city until they ended then at sol until I ended it. some of the older blogs posts are here. there has been and there are other blogs, this is my base. (i loved Bo!)

ohmy I'm a dying breed. i knew that.
no I don't want money.
yes, I'm a Snowden fan and follower.

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