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Thursday, April 28, 2016

o Palácio do Kebab (kebap saray)

most kebab joints in Lisboa are owned by Pakistanis or Bangladeshi but when I saw the knife on the man's hand on TV I knew he was a Turk. there are but a few Turkish places in Lisboa, Derviche for more expensive and the Kebab place at R. Almirante Reis with awesome service, tea, and several dishes for those longing for the real deal, such as me. the Kebab Palace opened two months ago by Istanbullu Mustafa in a restaurant and bar area of the city with fast food good kebab: real meat and real bread. I wish he had baklava, maybe in the future. Mustafa has been in the country for 4 years and wants to bring his wife and two children. although he is a hard working, tax paying person, he still does not have the Portuguese papers to do so.
two days ago, Mustafa was getting ready for a new day, opening the door of the restaurant just after 7 in the morning, having worked the previous night until 2:00am or so I am told. a group of African-Portuguese (not immigrants) nationals, about 30, were leaving the night club across the street. there are several of these gangs around the city who have caused violence, theft and disorder. unfortunately they decided to attack Mustafa, beat him and rob whatever they could of the new shop. Mustafa grabbed the kebab knife and fought for his life. he sent a number of the criminal to jail and saved himself and his shop.

the event has raised some issues in the social networks and society: those who are against muslims and refugees and defend nationality lost much of their arguments. Mustafa was raised to the hero condition by many Portuguese who have been unable to defend themselves against these groups of criminals that roam the city at night to cause trouble. Mustafa dropped charges and all he wants is to go on with life. the police is in the hunt forthe 30 cowards who decided to attack a working man who was by himself.

I went to Palácio do Kebab yesterday and had a wonderful treat; a huge döner special and really nice and friendly service. I wish Mustafa all the luck. sometimes I am ashamed of what happens here.
iyi şanslar!

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so many messages of support, I'm really happy about this. the restaurant has gone from 200 likes on fb to more than 3000 in a couple od days. there have been messages from all sorts of different people. I need to share this one by Alberto Esperança Esperança, the men holding the #esefossecontigo tag, a tag that has been used by the national tv channel in a series of programs agaist discrimination (what if it were you). ---proud!

by Jorge Galvão Nazaré.

there's also a "support" group on fb, mostly jokes actually:

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