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Friday, April 22, 2016

road maps for digital transformation

for million dollars organizations, clearly not my case, by capgemini
banks, by MIT Tech review.
slides, by john sinke
a seven step one.
another guide.
um tema desde 2014. mostly marketing related while I'm more interested in organizational structures.
about DIO, digital integrated organizations. and here, digital transformation.
so these are the key-words.
(gosto do meu mapa a priori)

"The technology platform is the foundation, while internal processes, organizational structures, and corporate culture are the various floors, including the installations (insulation, electricity, heating, plumbing, and so on)."

 One executive quoted younger employees as saying “Come on. I know the company’s more than
100 years old, but our IT capabilities don’t have to match the age of the company.” Other employees are incorporating their personal practices into their work lives without waiting for corporate practices to catch up. According to one CIO, “Officially iPads are prohibited by our policies. Yet 50 percent of our employees are using them at work.”

ERP, enterprise resource planning, suite of integrated applications, not happening in the example above.

from the cap gemini paper, pretty good, but hey 2011.

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