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Friday, May 27, 2016

Çesme (Turkey) to Chios (Greece)

it was on my plans for some summer. stay in Alaçatı and at some point cross to Chios, the mastic island. turbulent waters in the strait now, 35.000 refugees since the begining of this year have arrived in Chios, many remain in prison-camps in the island, some trying to swim back to Turkey.

güzel Çesme.

More than 7,000 refugees are now locked in detention camps on the Greek islands, following a European Union (EU) deal with Turkey last month.

getting to Chios:

2. Getting to Chios

  1. by ferry from Lesvos
    1. Price
      1. per person: 20€
      2. normal car: 30€   You have to contact the agency for van or minibus

  1. by ferry from Athens (Port of Piraeus)
    1. Price
      1. per person: 40€ (one way normal) 20€ (early booking)
      2. per normal car: 80€  Contact the agency for van or minibus enquiries

  1. by ferry from Cesme, Turkey Sunrise Ferries (1-2. per day)

    1. Timetable Ertürk and  17:00 and 18:00 car ferry (Erturk Lines) every day
    2. Price    Price book in Cesme at the local Ferry office (opposite to the Police station and mention your volunteer status for a discount) 26 per person 90 for a Car 200 for a bus
      1. per person: ~26€ open return
      2. per car: ~90€ for minibus open return (check with agency, not online)
    3. Customs
      1. you need to be there 30 min in advance in Turkish side for customs check etc.
      2. Bringing food to Chios (into the EU) can be a problem
      3. second hand stuff supposed to be okay

by plane to Izmir, Turkey (Taxi ca 70€/200TL good for big group OR take Bus from Airport via Ückuyular Izmir then second Bus to Cesme Harbour from there Ferry 26€ per person return ticket (Ertürk or Sunshine Ferries)

from the information package on volunteering in Chios, here.

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