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Friday, May 20, 2016

the algorythm is anti socialist

(why learn a foreign language while keeping a strong boot on the English language soil) some time ago I was looking into Turkish carpets, their history, the patterns, the materials, the colors, the makers, the different styles from different parts of the country, the symbolism in their designs and so on (ever since I saw the tree of life on a silk carpet I was quite fascinated with carpet symbolism). my google returned little more than websites for tourists looking into buying an exotic expensive carpet to adorn their whealthy houses. my friend was nice enough to send me a link with his search for carpets on google and that is when I finally saw what I was searching for.
is  this censorship? I think it is. customization becomes censorship when you are only allowed to see what the machine 'thinks' you can see. there's no outside the box and much less equality of opportunity. let's say: how can an uneducated person ever see something that actually pushes him forward? this person's google with be filled with the person's expectations, which are low. the same for facebook or any customized internet resource (the cookie is your enemy) and the same for tv: in their anxiety with share and giving the audience what they 'think' the audience wants, the average person is subject to a mass wave of stupidity and stupefying programs on so called prime schedules,
how can one think outside the box? no other way but turning off the boxes of algorithms in your life and be in silence. how can one see the other?  well, learning a foreign language is one option. literature, another. to see with someone else's eyes, the greatest challenge.

about the algorithm, you could be surprised.
and here, on google's words.

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