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Saturday, July 30, 2016

the life of women

the lady at the bookstore told me that Ali and Ramazan is a difficult book to find and for that reason she charged me an extra 2 euros for it. it's alright, I was so curious to read it although I was totally mislead, not only about the author's general themes and concerns but also and mostly about the story. saying it is a story about two teenagers doesn't even come close to the shocking tale of abuse and violence wrapped by a gay somewhat love story.
the next book was by Ayşe Kulin, Face to Face or Bir Gün, that starts with an astounding first chapter. the book develops in a sort of educational way for citydwellers about both the beauty and the pain of being a Kurd. it is enlightning in many ways but, hey, I come with Yaşar Kemal in my eyes. the woman theme, as well as the class theme, in Ali and Ramazan kept me going for a few days. a man and a woman cannot touch, whatever happens, whatever they say to each other. could we ever even understand each other (east and west) when so often conversation comes after touching. and I'm not even referring to the kurdish lifestyle portrayed in the book. in every single book, the female characters who don't follow the expectation of forever are punished somehow in the course of the story. (poor Füsun, poor Sibel) despite the contents musings (writing with a purpose, hence out of my range), light literature.

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