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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rogue One

so it is another war film but hey it's Starwars. satisfying and funny at times, another fighting girl (one) in a cast of mostly male actors. one Muslim, one Asian (my favorite!) in a somewhat more inclusive cast if one doesn't count women. funny funny thing, if unsettling, is the political transformation: the empire is now any empire, not just a dictatorship that is less human, but an empire of human white males; while the Rebellion is now as burocratic unable to decide organization (two women more, yay) that seems incredibly like the EU in its political process. the major shift is the appearance of a third group, the extremist rebels of Saw Gerrera that seem to hold the heroe status in spite of behaving in every way similar to any terrorist group acting today. most surprising. the heroes themselves are loner misfits, not the shiny hope of the Force anymore, but outsiders - which is compatible with the American myth of the lonesome cowboy/hero.
the sets are all too earthy for my taste, anyway, nothing seems to take place in a galaxy far far away anymore.
best thing, amazing, of the film: its soundtrack. wow!

about Rogue One politics, here.

If 'Rogue One' is so progressive, where the heck are all the women?

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