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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Frank Gohlke's grain elevators (New Topographics)

gosto mais das p/b dos anos setenta, os grain elevators, silos de cereais do Midwest. depois disso entrou a cor e hoje Gohlke descreve-se no site como "leading figure in American landscaping photography". preferi Lewis Baltz.

Abandoned grain elevator, Homewood, Kansas, 1973

Grain elevators, Midway Area, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1972

Grain elevators - Minneapolis - Series I, #26, 1973

Grain elevators, Minneapolis, 1974

Grain Elevator and Lightning Flash, Lamesa, Texas, 1975

muitas vezes vemos com os olhos dos outros, mais do que muitas vezes.

"Flash forward to the 1970s and Gohlke was part of a groundbreaking exhibition of landscape photography called New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-altered Landscape. The exhibition was seen in only three venues and apparently had an extremely thin catalogue, but the show made a major impact on how landscape photography was made and understood from that point forward. The show was the anithesis of both traditional black-and-white landscape photography as well as the dramatic photographs favored by the Sierra Club, which turn up the volume on the natural world. Referring to the sometimes unexpected and even mundane landscapes that appear in his work, Gohlke explained, "Part of the reason they're interesting to me is that nobody paid attention to them. I'd rather not go around with my eyes closed. I want to look at it all." (daqui)

depois da natureza de Adams dar a vez à natureza modificada. Andreas Gurski continua aqui monumentalmente.

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