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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Henry Wessel (New Topographics)

encontrei um canto onde me esconder. não é o que eu vejo mas é o que eu podia ter visto. alienado. umas Mitologias vinte anos mais tarde. um século de terra queimada. não deixaram quase nada de pé, iconoclastas ou criadores de mitos. nunca soubemos.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1972

Buena Vista, Colorado, 1973

Hollywood, California, 1972

Oklahoma, California, 1975

Tucson, Arizona, 1976

Walapai, Arizona, 1971

Venice, California, 1973

"You know, your mind is always back there saying: Move a little to the left. Move a little to... You wanna beat that. You cannot be thinking. You're just, yes, feeling. Yes, boom, here, there, whatever. Once you recognize something, then you're actually less aware. You name it, right? Once you name something -you name a telephone pole, you're less aware. But if you are not naming anything, then you're aware. More animal-like. So the mind's always in there saying "Ah, look at that.", you know. Telephone pole. Right? Macadam. This, move right, move left. So you wind up, in most cases, making maybe five pictures, six pictures of- the same stuff. The first ones, you could see how different they are than the ones when your mind got in there. When your mind gets in there, they start to look like photographs that you already know. They look like problems that you've already solved. They're never taking you to a place that's unfamiliar. They're taking you to what you're supposed to do. Then they look like everybody else's photographs. It's like when people say: "Well, you know, I always wanna go up and - I see something, and then I wanna go up and ask someone if I can photograph." You can't photograph it. It's gone! What you saw was gone. Now you're gonna photograph something else. And that's ok. People make good work that way. But it wasn't what interested them." (Henry Wessel)
tudo daqui.

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