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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nuno Cera em projecto: Futureland

"FUTURELAND 2008-2010 - A project for a video installation and a photographic series.
A project that investigates and discovers the impact of astonishing (urban) growth and rapid expansion of cities on their inhabitants and the environment as well as on the relation between architecture, public space and society by using video and photography.
A project that intends to examine methodically and create in detail a constitution and structure of a visual and narrative atlas of spatial, social and architectural conditions of 11 cities spread on the 5 continents:
Los Angeles, USA; Dubai, UEA; São Paulo, Brasil; Istambul, Turkey; Mexico D.F, Mexico; Cairo, Egipt; Shangai, China; Hong-Kong, China; Mumbai, India; Moscow, Russia and Sydney, Australia
Each of these cities has its own size, form, density and diversity that shall be quantified, memorized and compared.
From a personal and subjective view, the project transmits a temporary experience of new and old “Mega-cities”."

parece-me um projecto muito ambicioso. antes foi "A Room with a View", imagem abaixo.

site de Nuno Cera

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