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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


de Arno Fischer.

neste contexto-

The Garden
"The final chapter of the exhibition is devoted to a series of Polaroids of Fischer's garden. In 1978 Arno Fischer and his wife, the photographer Sibylle Bergemann, acquired a modest farm house in Gransee north of Berlin. In the same year he began photographing still lifes and details of plants, stones, tools and furniture in his garden with an SX 70 Polaroid camera. These unique and unrepeatable pictures represent a concentration of his work on a very personal subject. Over the years, Arno Fischer spent more and more time in his retreat, transforming it into an enchanted refuge. The Garden series, which had to come to an end in 2007 when Polaroid film went out of production, comprises pictures from thirty years, arranged by the artist into a series of triptychs that show absolutely no respect for any form of chronological context. The three decades appear to converge into the single moment when the shutter button was released and to infuse that moment with timeless permanence." daqui

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