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Friday, May 10, 2013

lovers embrace or 'OMG that shirt's soo cool'

a foto de Taslima Akhter que é bem capaz de ser a foto do ano.

"The bottom line of the tragedies in Bangladeshi garment factories is that forcing your workers to enter a factory known to be unsafe is still murder, no matter how authors like [whoever] try to justify it."
um bom artigo para ler aqui. e aqui: The Life and Struggle of Garment Workers.

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more power to her:

Taslima Akhter born in Dhaka in 1974. Now she is a third year student of photo journalism in Pathshala (South Asian Institute of photography). She completed her masters and M. Phil from the department of Public Administration in University of Dhaka. She was involved in student politics during her student life. She was the president of Bangladesh Student Federation at that time. At present, she is involved with worker’s and women’s organization as an activist. She thinks that photography is also a part of her political work. This year, she was selected for the Magnum Foundation scholarship on photography from South Asian region and win third prize for documentary photography from The Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Her work on The Life and struggle of garment workers is going to exhibit in Angkor photo festival in Cambodia this year. Her interest of area is documentary photography. She likes to work on gender-environmental-cultural issues and the spaces of social discrimination.

a questão que realmente se põe é: quem sou eu? como é que eu quero viver?

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