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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

las trampas

este capítulo do apanhado de artigos e episódios que é The Great Taos Bank Robbery é tão monumento quanto a povoação que retrata e o seu edifício central, a igreja de San Jose de Gracia.

infelizmente nenhuma das imagens me pertence, ah o que eu gostaria que pertencesse.

estas da wiki

mais fotos na library of congress.

no google maps.

"At the village of Santo Tomás del Rio de las Trampas, thirty-five miles by air north and east of the New Mexico State Capitol buildings at Santa Fe, death is personified as a hooded skeleton. She rides a cart with high wooden wheels and is known with familiarity, and even affection, as Doña Sebastiana. Except during Holy Week, Doña Sebastiana remains parked in a small, iron-roofed structure adjoining the northeast corner of the Church of San José de Gracia. The village is the morada of the village Penitente Brotherhood. For many generations Doña Sebastiana and her cart have been taken from this lodging on Good Friday and pulled by two of the Brothers of the Light in procession around the village plaza.She holds in her bony hands a drawn bow and, according to legend, will release her arrow if the cart passes an unrepentant sinner."


"The death of children too young for sin would be announced, for example, by the tolling of Gracia in celebration of soul attaining heaven without enduring the trials of earth."


"Once through the double doors, it takes a moment for the eyes to adjust from the brilliant high-altitude sunlight of the churchyard to the dim interior of the nave. The first impression given by the Church of San José de Gracia is one of cool, dark stillness. The silence is almost cavelike, for earth is an excellent soundproofing agent, the walls are four feet thick, and even the roof overhead is insulated with a heavy layer of adobe clay. The sounds of the village - the bark of a dog and a rooster crowing - seep faintly through the high windows. And with this silence, there is the dim aroma of old incense and burned wax to tease the memory."

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