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Monday, January 5, 2015

agora sim

é que começou o ano. agora é sobreviver até à primavera, três meses de aflição. para já e havendo energia, a vida branca.

"In the evenings, the patients would stare out over the river at the Jack Frost Sugar Works, and if there was a ship unloading there it seemed to them she might have some special news for them, bringing deliverance. But none ever came...
Sometimes when there was a mist, river and sky merged in a white calm through which little masts and tilted, squat towers seemed to be slowly flying. A smudged gasworks crouched like something that could spring, behind the leaning, vaporous geometry of cranes and angled church steeples; and the factory chimneys waved endless handkerchiefs of smoke.
Farewell, farewell life!
Every so often, when a ship passed, there would be a curious mass movement towards the barred windows, a surging whose source was in the breasts of the mad seamen and firemen there, but to which all were tributary: even those whose heads had been bowed for days rose at this stirring, their bodies shaking as though roused suddenly from nightmare or from the dead, while their lips would burst with a sound, partly a cheer and partly a wailing shriek, like some cry of the imprisioned spirit of New York itself, the spirit haunting the abyss between Europe and America and brooding like futurity over the Western Ocean. The eyes of all would watch the ship with a strange, hungry supplication.
But more often when a ship went by or backed out from the docks opposite and swung around to steam towards to open sea, there was a dead silence in the ward and a strange foreboding as though all hope were sailing with the tide."
Malcolm Lowry em Lunar Caustic.

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