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Monday, February 8, 2016

hello mr survey

Why am I targeted (for real)?

Did I say Allah Akbar too many times? But I'm an atheist. Did I express my sympathy for left wingers too much? Is it because I actually read the Koran? Is it because I adore Islamic geometric art? Do I have too many Muslim friends? Is it because I support Snowden and Assange? But yes I support freedom and freedom of speech and human rights and women's rights. Is it because I love Yaşar Kemal? Do you even know who he is, Mr Survey man? Is it because I have Kurds in my networks? And the anonymous? But I'm a pacifist, Mr. Survey man. I'm a literature reader and pic taker, that's all. How can anyone study words without diving into fiction? That's all we are, fiction, and so often a lame piece of text.

There are 45 thousand, very likely more, people knocking on Turkey's door, escaping war. No one wants to open that door. How awesome is that for word counting? There's another book I've read, even though I'm an atheist and there're all books to me, I know nothing about the truth: there's a chapter called Exodus. Remember that one?

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