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Sunday, February 7, 2016

ninguém gosta da Merkel

eu gosto.

Today, the priority is to ease suffering and to offer prospects for the people seeking refuge in Syria and neighbouring countries. This should be a day of hope for these people. I would like, first of all, to express my sincere thanks for the willingness shown by countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to offer refugees shelter. They need our support.

As regards the most essential aid ‑ daily food rations ‑ we saw in the past year how cutbacks were made that were unbearable and how this forced people to flee. This is why the Federal Government is pledging a total of one billion euros to the humanitarian aid programmes of the United Nations for 2016. We would like to contribute 570 million euros of this sum to the World Food Programme ‑ this is approximately 50 per cent of the funds that the World Food Programme needs for these three countries this year ‑ so that we will hopefully be able, at the end of today, to say that we no longer have to worry about food rations.

We want to do more, of course. We want to provide food, clothes, accommodation and employment. This is why we are also supporting the Partnership for Prospects programme. Examples of projects in the context of this programme include community centres, schools and hospitals that are built by the refugees themselves, thereby helping them to find gainful employment. In 2016, Germany will contribute 200 million euros to this programme, thereby taking our support for this year to 1.2 billion euros.

gosto muito.

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