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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

sorun var? / sorun varmıdır

learning the language with Kara Sevda ve yakışıklı Kemal.
re-viewing an interview with Kiarostami during the Estoril Film Festival, I was totally surprised to notice that I could recognize a few words.

"Persian language is an Indo-european branch of this wide group of languages, spreading from India to Ireland. Due to Arab conquest, Persian language borrowed many Arabic words, and its vocabulary is 50% Arabic in everyday speech. The main structure, grammar and phonetics, remain specifically Iranian and often surprisingly close to Latin or English. Turkish language has no link whatsoever with Indo-European languages, and is related to the Uralo-Altaic group of languages, born in Siberia and spoken in many areas of Central Asia, where Turk invaders settled. The structure, the grammar and phonetics of Turkish are altogether different from that of Indo-European Persian and Semitic Arabic. For instance, the adjective has to be placed always before the name, like in English, and is totally unaffected by gender. The name is always neutral, and the whole language is agglutinative, meaning that every word is a compound of suffixes added to one another and blended into one another : It has a declension far more complex than Arabic, whereas Persian has no declension at all.

Take the English phrase "My brother wants to play soccer" = kardeshim (kardesh, brother subject + im, of me) futbol oynamak (infinitive verb, to play) istiyor ( = iste, want + iyor, present suffix).

In ancient times, before the Atatürk reform, Turkish was written with the quite unadapted Persian-Arabic alphabet, and the literate language, called Osmanlica, was a blend of Persian, Arabic and some Turkish words. This blended language was abolished with the Sultanate and the Ottoman empire and has fallen into oblivion."


"Persian belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family, while Turkish belongs to the Turkic language family. The only similarities between the two languages is that both have for historical reasons borrowed words from each other, and from Arabic."


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