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Friday, August 5, 2016

'Three Monkeys'. 'Şiir gibi bir film'

este filme é como um poema, como aliás tendem a ser os filmes de Ceylan. estou para ver algum em que a mulher não seja culpada de nada. reconheço a moralidade, a mesma do nosso século dezanove, um pouco como ver as mulheres de Camilo a viver no século vinte e um, mas sim, esse é o meu assunto bibelô.

This film is like a poem, just like the Anatolia film and Winter Sleep. Relations between different groups of people are intense, unfair, full of undercurrents and recriminations. The simple man is portrayed once more, this hero of most Turkish fiction, both a victim and a resistant and here interpreted by song star Yavuz Bingöl, above. How is a man to live in such a world? The rich and corrupt, beautifully portrayed by Ercan Kesal, always get the upper hand and theirs is the fault for so many hardships. It's a tough world.

I absolutely love Ceylan's visuals. The near-paintings of the water-edge by the Bosphorus are from the realm of dreams, sometimes nightmares. One can almost feel the cool of the water, the salty smell, the horns and presence of otherwise silent ships, waiting. The subdued colors, greys and dark blues, shadows and night lights on obscure places, what a visual treat. If painting is the closest to poetry, then Ceylan is closest to both.

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shattered lives.

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